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May the light shine down it's grace! - Joe Sciacca releases brand new single and music video "Heart in a Cage".

ZURICH, 9.2.2018 - The sympathetic songwriter musician and producer "Joe Sciacca" reaches for the light.

The title track of the eponymous album "Heart in a Cage" describes the journey of a seeker to salvation. - that will not be long in coming.

 Joe Sciacca - Heart in a Cage (Download Single)

Joe Sciacca - Heart in a Cage (Download Single)

Matching the single release, a music video will be released on Facebook and YouTube, filmed by the talented filmmaker Bo Slatzky, who dips the song in surreal lightning settings.

 "Heart in a Cage" is so far the most personal track of Joe Sciacca. Which wrote the song one night at 4.00 clock in a hotel in Freiburg i.Br. (Germany) directly out of a dream on a hotel receipt. It describes the desire and yearning for liberation. Whereas liberation can refer to different life topics.

Watch "Heart in a Cage" on YouTube  and get the single from Apple MusiciTunesGoogle Play, and Spotify.

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