What You Do To Me (feat. Dania König) – Single

What You Do To Me (feat. Dania König)
Release Date: November 27, 2009
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The journey is the reward and the reward is love! – Joe Sciacca releases the radio single “What You Do To Me (feat. Dania König)”.

What you do to me is an emotional, expressive rock / pop ballad that goes right under the skin. It touches the heart in the depths of the soul. The path to love opens with this song thoughtlessly and unconsciously. And lets you just slip on the way to love.

What are you doing with me is a song in German and English. Deep, smoky, anchoring voice encounters sensitive, delicate, widening speech melodies. An animated duet sung by Joe Sciacca in a duet with Dania König.

What You Do To Me is available as download or stream from Apple MusiciTunesGoogle Play, and Spotify.