The new album “Heart in a Cage” – An open letter from Joe Sciacca

Joe Sciacca Heart in a Cage

Dear friend,

I am happy to announce the new album “Heart in a Cage”. It will be available on July 7, 2017, as a download and stream from Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

For 25 years I have been making music. If someone had told me where I would be standing today; I would have thought that this person is crazy. Singing and playing the guitar in front of people, it was a great challenge for me. Too strong was the burden of “the greatness within myself” that it always overwhelmed my sensibility. In the silence of my bedroom everything was always quite simple and easy, but in front of other people, it was like the overcoming of the Mount Everest.

It had started so well.

In school, the only top grade I ever came up with, was in singing in front of people. – Back then, my school mates. – It must have been a moment of prophetic enlightenment. Because I hated to hear my voice. And at all, I never felt like I am anything special than anyone else.

And so I grew up with this great passion for music and the even greater inability to bear this gift outwards.

I was all the more grateful when I had found a way to do what I love, without exposing myself too much. With my guitar, the first heavy metal band, and the little successes here and there. But unworked things come to the surface at some point and they kept me questioning. So the first song I have ever written – Velvet Flower (released on “Brand New Day”) was, on the one hand, the first small attempt to put a too soon ended love in words, but on the other hand also a great breakthrough for me as a growing musician.

It transformed me, and I began to love myself. My voice. My songs. My music. It truly was a “Brand New Day” for me.

Back then, I had enough concerts as a guitar player. I have played concerts in Germany and Switzerland with my Friends of the Band “Warrnambool”, where we even had the great honour to play with the “Grandfather of Christian Rock Music” Mr Larry Norman, which – shame on me – I did not know anything about then. The contrary was the case for me as a singer/songwriter. I did not have many chances to play my repertoire. Probably, I was not ready at that time. My debut album (“Brand New Day”) was well received – even if it did not land on the charts at all – I reaped praise and encouragement even from well-known colleagues. Thank you for inspiring me to keep on keeping on. You know who you are.

And so I started writing the songs for the new album in 2011.

But this time it was a tough fight to get it done. The record companies. The radios. The critics. The schedules. The Daytime Jobs. The ex-girlfriends. The ex-fiancée. The Envious. The tinkers. Right now when I started believing in myself, It seemed to me as if the whole world had conspired against me. It is said that this is a sign that one is on the right track. So I went on and six years have passed since the beginning of the songwriting process. But finally, here it is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my new album. “Heart in a Cage” coming 7/7/2017 to your favourite online music store!

I baptised it “Heart in a Cage” because unconsciously I wrote a concept album about the desire to finally be freed. Where “Freedom” in this case is to be seen from different perspectives. Free from bad relations. Free from solitude. Free of inferiority feelings. Free to love life infinitely. Free of the opinion of critics, who thought they could make a decisive contribution to the final product, without having a finger crooked for it.

I have overcome all of you.

Because even if this album should not become a worldwide radio hit – despite the containing terrible 😉 songs like “Beyond Dreams”, “Change”, “Heart in a Cage”, “Forever”, “Another Man’s Wife”, “Fall Out”, “Solitude”, “Raining in New York”, and a concise new edition of “Back To The Start”, which is accompanied by a South African orchestra, – I have found one of the most valuable things:

Myself, my voice, and those who love me as I really am.

And it is with this now freed heart, that I send out the wish, that you may find this kind freedom in your own life.

With love and respect,
Joe Sciacca

PS. The album “Heart in a Cage” can be pre-ordered on iTunes and Google Play.