The Rock’n’roll is back! – Joe Sciacca releases music video for new radio single “Change”

Joe Sciacca Change Video Stills Thumbnail

Zürich, 21.4.2017 – The sympathetic “Mr. Rock’n’Roll” lets the dolls dance in the new music video for the radio single “Change”.

The rock’n’roll returns bombastically. – Nothing’s ever gonna be the same: Change.

The music video is inspired by the singers who accompanied Joe Sciacca on his musical path. The unique voice of Freddy Mercury, the supernatural presence of Bob Marley and the integrity of Johnny Cash. All of them have left a deep impression and now they are miraculously singing in the new music video. And as if this were not enough, there is also a small “Guest Appearance” hidden in the video. – Who is this? – Check it out!

 “Change” can now be viewed on YouTube. The radio single “Change” is available as a download or stream on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.