Take the rock’n’roll back! – Joe Sciacca released the new radio single “Change”

Joe Sciacca - Change

Zürich, 21. April 2017 – With the new radio single “Change” the sympathetic songwriter “Mr. Joe Sciacca ” celebrates the return of rock’n’roll!

The fierce guitars and loud drums are drill themselves into the fan’s ears in a proper 80s manner.

Nothing’s ever gonna be the same. Change! Shortly after listening, your heart hits overdrive. This song truly changes and brings back the good old rock’n’roll back to your speakers, and leaves you waiting for the upcoming sophomore album tba. this summer.

Joe Sciacca pulls out all the stops of his musician career and lets the puppets dance, as the otherwise very reserved Sicilian returns to his dark, emotions-laden side.

There is only one thing to help: now turn the volume control on.

The radio single “Change” is now available as download or stream on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.