With this guitar thunderstorm, there is no stone left over! – Joe Sciacca released “Beyond Dreams” music video

Joe Sciacca - Beyond Dreams

Zürich, 31.3.2017 – The sympathetic songwriter with Italian roots makes the Alps tremble. The “Beyond Dreams” music video is here!

The cinematic Beyond Dreams music video, which was filmed in the beautiful Klöntal in Switzerland, lends the song wings.

Thanks to the collaboration with the internationally award-winning video artist Christin Necker (winner of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival), the powerful song flies right into the heart. The Beyond Dreams music video has some powerful drone recordings with exciting close-up moments in which the songwriter Joe Sciacca is very close to see.

The guitar storm and the deeply inspired voice of Joe Sciacca leave no stone behind: this man can move mountains with his music. He is supported by guitarist Michael “Kosho” Koschorreck, who has recorded the catchy Hook-melody.

Watch “Beyond Dreams” on YouTube and download or stream the single from Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify